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Rememberance of DINFOS
How fondly do you remember your time at DINFOS?

Extremely Fondly
Somewhat Fondly
Slightly Fondly
Not Fondly At All
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Click for index of where you can network
with other DINFOS people.

Favorite e-Networking Site?
What is your most favorite e-Networking site?
Yahoo! Groups
Yahoo! 360
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Click for Marshall Thompson's protest walk.

Support for the Army Journalist Who is Walking Across Utah for Troop Withdrawal
Do you support Marshall Thompson, his goals and his methods?

Actively support
Support in principle
Oppose in principle
Actively oppose
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Click for more about military law and you.

Fairness of Military Justice
How fair do you believe the military justice system is?

Very Fair
Generally Fair
Generally Unfair
Very Unfair
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Importance of Awards in Your Career
How Important are Awards to You in Your Career?

Extremely Important - Essential
Important - Good To Have
Nice To Have, But Not That Important
Don't Care At All About Award
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Click for an extensive directory of military DINFOS-related awards.

Civilian vs. Military Awards
What is more important to your career: civilian or military awards?

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Click for more about a buddy system for you and other DINFOS people.

Need For Buddy
How much do you need a buddy in your communicator career?

Greatly, Don't Really Know How I Can Get By Without The Help
Somewhat, Help Would Be Appreciated and Welcome
A Little, But I Could Just As Well Get By Without It
Not At All
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Click for more about military personnel traveling.

Safety for Military Personnel Traveling
As a military person, how safe do you feel about your traveling?

Safer Than Civilians
As Safe As Civilians
Less Safe Than Civilians
No Opinion
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Click for more about area around Ft. Meade.

The best places for recreation around Ft. Meade?
Where are the best places for recreation?

On base
Just off base
In Baltimore
In Washington D.C.
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Value of Vet Status In Job Search
How valuable is being a veteran to prospective employers?

Very Valuable
Somewhat Valuable
No Difference
A Negative
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Click for more about being a veteran seeking work.

Americans Support for Vet Employment
Does America Give Its Vets Enough Help Finding Work?

Almost Enough
Hardly Enough
Not Enough
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Rating Sgt. Charles Moore
How do you rate Sgt. Moore as a journalism teacher?

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Sgt. Moore on Grading

"70 is passing; 71 is overkill"
- Sgt. Charles D. Moore,
Basic Journalism Course Instructor

Broadcaster class influence on your life
How strong was the influence of the Basic Broadcaster Class on the rest of your life?

A Great Deal
Not At All
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Usefulness of Basic Journalism Course
How useful was BJC to your career after the military?

Extremely Useful
Somewhat Useful
Slightly Useful
Not Useful At All
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Adequacy of America's Memorialization of Its Fallen Military
Does America Memorialize America's Military Dead Enough?

Almost Enough
Hardly Enough
Not Enough
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Click for the memorial section of .

Advanced Preparation Time For Separation
How long before separation should someone begin to actively prepare to leave the service?

A week or two
About a month
About two months
About three months
About four months
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Click for more information about handling the transition from military life to civilian life.

Fear of leaving the military.
Be honest when picking how afraid you are about leaving the military. See results for how others feel.

Terrified, out of control sometimes
Scared, where it disturbs my life
Nervous, annoyingly so
Edgy, but okay
Calm and steady
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Silly Question: Bathroom Door
When your bathroom is not in use, how do you keep your bathroom door?

Open wide
Slightly ajar
Closed shut
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More Military Humor

Click for more background about The Daily Show's Rob Riggle, who is a Marine Corps Public Affairs Officer.

Credibility of Comic PAO Reservist
Can a Public Affairs Officer Reservist be a Professional Comedian and Remain Credible While Deployed?

Depends on the Person
Not Likely
Absolutely Not
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Click for the directory of DINFOS luminaries.

Alumni Surprise
What percentage of the time did it surprise you to learn that these people are DINFOS alumni?

75% - 100% of the time
50% - 75% of the time
25% - 50% of the time
0% - 25% of the time
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Click for an explaination of the prediction about DINFOS going bi-lingual.

DINFOS Going Bi-lingual.
In how many years will DINFOS go bi-lingual?

10 Years
25 Years
50 Years
75 Years
100 Years
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This website is independent from DINFOS (The Defense Information School), national militaries and governments.


Level of Poll Redundancy
How helpful is it to you to have all these polls in one place?

Definately glad to have it
Irritating duplication of previously seen polls
Annoyingly redundant polls
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